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Video | The Sunderland Sh*tter caught in the act.



Poogate. What actually happened?

A video has surfaced of the Sunderland fan reported to have dropped his trousers and have a poo under his seat during Sunderlands game against Reading The young supporter was kicked out of the Stadium of Shite, sorry Light, after supporters parted like the Red Sea in order to order to avoid the sight and smell of their fellow supporter’s bum truffles nestling under his seat.

The story first broke on Saturday night as an onlooker posted this image, accompanied by an explanation of what was going down.



The fan wrote.

“100% Happened. Kid was two rows back from me. He was absolutely blitzed, may well have had more than just booze looking at his eyes. He was in a bad way a few games ago as well, sleep in his seat.

Today he dropped his pants to his ankles, squatted and curled one out. Everyone around him parted. he pulled his pants back up and just stood there totally spaced out! Then the coppers came up and took him away. A bairn in the row in front saw the shit and started gagging before spewing into our row!”

On top of watching their side crash to an embarrassing 3-1 defeat to Reading, fans sitting close by were left “gagging” as the young lad, seemingly without a care in the world, just sat there and continued to watch the game, which the video seems to confirm.

Another fan got in touch to tell us “It’s the second game in a row he’s been spaced out and arrested, last week he fell asleep during the game and was falling all over the place. He was a right mess. A young child near us started being sick, and there was a few full grown men that weren’t far away from doing the same.”

By the sounds of it, this lad had had more than a few sherbets, and I’d be very surprised if he was back next week. Even if he didn’t have his ticket taken away, you’d have to have some stones to return after causing so much uproar.

Certainly won’t be welcomed back with open arms.

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Queen Of The South keeper in race to be fit after being hit by a cow



You’ve got to love Scottish football!

Queen of the South have have revealed 19 year-old youth team goalkeeper Sam Henderson is set to miss his opportunity to make the first team squad this weekend after he was hit by a runaway cow

Henderson was due to step up into the first team squad from the youth set-up against Dumfermline on Saturday for only the second time after regular keeper Alan Martin was ruled out injured.

But it’s looking possible that the Dumfries club will be without a reserve keeper after Henderson injured his shoulder a the speeding cow at his dads farm went straight through him at the start of the week.

Queen Of The South’s assistant manager Dougie Anderson revealed the issue to The Scottish Sun yesterday.

He said: “Sam has missed training this week after being struck by a cow.

“It could have been worse as the cow ran at him for a second time but he managed to get out of the way.

‘He has a sore shoulder so he is getting closely monitored and a lot of treatment as we do not want to go into the game without a goalkeeper on the bench.’

Lets hope he’s not milking it and can pull through in time for the game with surfactant moovement in his shoulder, he’d certainly deserve a pat on the back.

Sorry. I’ll leave now.

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Chelsea fans “10 men went to mow” before FA Cup clash with Norwich



Chelsea fans enjoyed a sing song before their 0-0 draw with Norwich at Carol Road this weekend with a rendition of “10 Men Went To Mow” on the concourse before Kick-Off


One man went to mow,
Went to mow a meadow,
(aside) Meadow!,
One man and his dog,
(aside) Spot!,
Went to mow a meadow

It’s pretty straight forward after Thant.

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Unbelievable moment goalkeeper scores first Welsh premier league goal of 2018 (VIDEO)



‘The lads said how strong the wind was and said to give it a good hammering’

Not exactly the words of a true great goalscorer, but the words of the scorer of a bloody great goal.

Unlikely as it sounds, Carmarthen Town’s No1 Lee Iszi became the first goalscorer of 2018 in goalkeeper in Welsh Premier League.

The goal came on 66th minute of Carmarthen Towns New Year’s day clash, away at Aberystwyth Town.

Idzi managed to take advantage of the blustery conditions finding the net after his heavy punt caught the wind and hit the back of the net to give his side the lead at Aberystwyth’s Park Avenue.

Unsurprisingly the strike was the 29-year-old’s first ever goal in his four years at the club

After the game he said: “At half time the lads said how strong the wind was and said to give it a good hammering.

“I couldn’t actually tell it had gone in, I thought it had gone over the bar. I only knew when the boys started celebrating.

“The response has been a bit mad! People have been messaging and texting.

“The boys have been giving a bit of banter on the group chat- it is all a bit of fun really.”

The clubs Twitter account went crazy after the goal.

. Carmarthen went on to win the game 2-1 thanks to Idzi’s however the long range effort still wasn’t enough to lift side being rooted to the bottom of the league.

Hopefully with a little more help from Mother Nature relegation can be avoided in 2018.

Watch it all unfold below.


Lee Idzi

Golwr Caerfyrddin gyda gôl gyntaf 2018 Uwch Gynghrair Cymru!

Posted by Sgorio on Wednesday, January 3, 2018


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