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Partizan supporters stripped and beaten as civil war breaks out during Belgrade derby



The Belgrade derby between Partizan and Red Star seemed to descended into civil war last night, as fights broke out in the stands.

The cause of the violence is still a little foggy with some claiming the fighting broke out between rival Partizan ultra groups over control of their sector, however other claims are that a number of  Red Star fans had managed to get their hands on tickets to in the home end.

Witnesses said the fight broke out in a section of the home end of the stadium, with  supporters being stripped and beaten for over 10 minutes before police intervened.

Police eventually managed to bring calm to the storm, removing 17 wounded fans, some naked and heavily wounded down the touchline and out of the stadium.

As well as the more conventional kick and punch method of fight, attackers were seen removing their belts and raining down lashes on their victims.

The Belgrade derby has been on the list of crazy games I have often thought would be interesting to experience, but after last nights events I can quite confidently say ‘Balls to that!’ Grab me some popcorn and a latte, I’m off to the Emirates.

The Serbian fixture has always infamously been a fiery affair, with tempers renowned for flaring both on and off the pitch.

Despite the trouble in the home end, Partizan made home advantage count with Seydouba Soumah slotting home a penalty on the hour mark.

Tension could be cut with a knife throughout the game, and in the 85th minute Partizan crumbled to the pressure as reported Newcastle target Richmond Boakye slotted home to level the scores.


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Alexis Sanchez – Manchester Money



It feels like a prolonged January already and we still have 2 weeks of the transfer window but for the sake of us all let’s just get this Alexis Sanchez transfer put to bed!
There is no doubt that the Chilean will be departing the Emirates – it’s just a simple case of when.
It would also be a case of where, but Manchester appears to be the destination and to whoever offers the most money, modern day footballing greed at its very finest.
Red or Blue? Old Trafford or the Etihad? Pep or Jose? The usual questions asked on a derby day in the North West not necessarily when it comes to an incoming player.
A few days ago it was done and dusted, Sanchez was to be reunited with his former Barca gaffer Guardiola and further enhance his Manchester City juggernaut. Then from nowhere there was Mourinho interest and you could hear an agent rejoicing.
Generally when it comes to Man City, money is no short supply. Pep and those before him have been readily backed in the transfer market but this time they appear to be standing strong and playing hardball with a player they are quite rightly interested in.
An offer was reportedly made of £250K per week with a decision to be made in terms of a January or a summer transfer. An immediate transfer would command a reasonable fee and a later one would command a phenomenal signing on one.
Sources are now suggesting that City have dropped their interest and you can only assume that its due to the perceived player / agent greed and the silly mistake to attempt to play them off against their nearest rivals.
He made it clear that it was trophies he craved, given the current climate surely Man City are streets ahead of the rest.
The path is clear and its Man Utd or bust for the frontman. Henrikh Mkhitaryan will be the makeweight in the mega money deal, a basic £350K per week has been agreed and that is before image rights and signing on fees. Is a 29 year old really worth that much of an outlay?
For us, Sanchez has simply opted for the highest bidder. Some may even agree with Martin Keown’s sentiments calling him “the biggest mercenary in football”
One this is for certain though, Arsenal and their fans must be sick of being a feeder club to their richer rivals. Their No 7 will follow RVP, Adebayor, Clichy, Sagna, Nasri and Toure in moving to Manchester.
All we can hope is that we soon see that yellow breaking news bar confirming this deal sooner rather than later, as all the talk is has become rather boring.

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Liverpool fans calling for Flanagan to be sacked after assault sentencing



Liverpool defender Jon Flanagan has been handed a 40 hour community service sentence to 40 and a 12-month community order after being charged with the assault of his girlfriend Rachael Wall.

The 25-year-old defender pleaded guilty earlier this month at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court  to the charge of common assault.

The court heard that Flanagan repeatedly kicked his partner during the drunken brawl with his partner in Liverpool city centre at around 3.20am on Friday December 22.

The District Judge Wendy Lloyd sentenced him earlier today to the 12-month community order, which includes 15 rehabilitation activity days, 40 hours of unpaid work, £85 costs and an £85 victim surcharge.

She said: “You are, of course, a young man of previous good character and therefore it’s undoubtedly sad that you have brought yourself here by your behaviour.”

The prosecuting lawyer , said a witness had seen the incident from his flat.

” man saw Flanagan place one hand on his partner’s neck and one on her throat before he slammed her against the wall”.

He then shouted from his balcony to Flanagan that he was “out of order” to which the Liverpool defender replied: “Shut the f*** up d***head, I’ll come and knock you out.”

Flanagan’s defence lawyer stated that the incident was short but unpleasant.

claiming that Flanagan was not proud of what had happened and had not enjoyed the “negative press intrusion” that followed.

“He deeply regrets his behaviour and there is genuine remorse.”

both parties were under the influence of alcohol at the time and there was no suggestion there had been any previous violence in the relationship.

He said: “They are back together and working very hard at the relationship and supporting one another.”

The court was shown CCTV of the incident as part of the prosecution which showed Flanagan hitting Ms Wall before pushing her against a wall twice and then kicking her.

Liverpool statment

Liverpool released a statement to condemn Flanagan’s actions and state the would wait for sentencing before taking any internal actions within the club. After sentencing many Liverpool fans took to social media showing outrage at their defenders actions and calling for him to be sacked by the club.

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VIDEO | Ryan Giggs dire final team talk as Man Utd interim adds to Wales fans doubts.



A video that has emerged of Ryan Giggs’s last ever team talk as interim manager of Man Utd is going to do little to settle the Welsh supporters’ doubts about his abilities… Mainly because it’s bloody dire!

(Image credit – Rebecca Naden)

Gigg’s dulcet tones do little to inspire, in fact it’s a wonder no one drifted off. The video that was taken for an ITV documentary shows the ex-Utd midfielder giving what would be his final team talk as interim manager before a game that would be Utd’s last chance to secure a place in the Europa League or miss out on European football for the first time in 25 years.

With all that at stake you would expect the manager’s team talk to be a fiery, passionate affair…

Not Giggs. His pre-match team talk rivalled his punditry…boring as dry toast.

The news of Giggs’s appointment as the new national manager of Wales brought mixed reaction from fans, and who can blame them? Giggs 44 has little to no experience in management and, despite playing 64 times for Wales between 1991 and 2007, he was often criticised by both pundits and supporters for regularly pulling out of squads.

The video of Giggs’s team-talk is going to do little to settle the Welsh fans’ doubts.

The United legend has spent much of the past two years complaining about the lack of  managerial opportunities and, although he has been linked with numerous vacancies, including Bolton and Bury, Giggs has seemed reluctant at the idea of dropping down a division to manage.

It almost comes across as a touch of ‘Rich Kid Syndrome’ from Giggs. Spending his whole professional career living the high life amongst Europe’s elite but not wanting to get his hands dirty when it comes to managerial experience.


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