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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most common FAQ regarding the Away Day Bible ground guide.

What Is The Away Day Bible?

Here is the FAQ section about our extensive football grounds guide for football fans travelling to away matches.

If you would like to know more about Away Day Bible please view our about us page.

FAQ – The Away Day Bible mobile app, who is it for? What does it do?

The Away Day Bible is a football grounds guide detailing stadium information about each of the 92 league football grounds in England. It even includes grounds for the top division of non-league football. It is designed for normal football fans who regularly travel to away grounds. As well as fans who mainly watch their team at home.

The idea behind the Away Day Bible is to have an away ground guide for each club in your pocket. You can access each guide when planning your next away day trip. Or when you are on the go, either traveling to a ground or in and around the stadium. Each ground guide gives you information about the stadium and club contact information. As well as detailing places you can go to eat or drink. It even has a list of hotels for longer away journeys. Each guide has transport information covering different modes of transport.

What Platforms Is It Available For?

FAQ – How can I download it? Which mobile platforms is it available for?

You can download the Away Day Bible for both Android and iPhone. It can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android device users, or from the App Store for people with iPhones.

FAQ - iPhone app on the App Store

Away Day Bible - Android app on Google Play

How Much Does It Cost?

FAQ – How much will it cost if I choose to download it? Do I have to pay a monthly or annual fee?

Don’t worry it is free to download and use the Away Day Bible. There isn’t a monthly or annual fee associated with using the grounds guide. As people may only use the app every other fortnight, we didn’t expect people to pay for a service that they may not use on a regular basis. However there is advertisements within the app. Places may detail special offers or deals which could be displayed when viewing their information.

What Information Does It Display?

FAQ – What information does the Away Day Bible display? Is it interactive?

The ground guide for each club shows an interactive map of the stadium location. You can find contact information such as telephone number, email address and website details. The guide lists any relevant parking information, even links to any club fanzines. Each category for a club may have a brief description of the best area/places to go. The category listing displays the name of each recommended place, overall rating (out of 5 stars).

Whether the place allows home, away or both sets of football fans and how far away from the ground the place is. Each place has an interactive map with a marker showing it’s location. More detailed information such as walking and driving times from the stadium. Any relevant contact information is displayed. You can even browse through any reviews that have been submitted.

Can I Suggest A Place?

FAQ – Can I suggest a place. What information do I have to submit?

Of course. One of the main purposes of the Away Day Bible is to allow fans to share their match day experiences. When viewing places to go for a category (such as drink) within the club information, the app lets you Suggest A Place. We want to take all the leg work out of suggesting somewhere. Once submitted our researchers do the leg work to find out all the information. You only need to put the name and post code (if known) of the place and we will do the rest. We are regularly monitor any new suggestions and gather all the relevant information ready to include in the ground guide.

Can I Review A Place?

FAQ – Can I review a place detailed in the app? What information do I give for others to use?

No football fan wants to go to a place that serves a bad pint. Even worse wander around aimlessly only to find a place that turns you away. That is why we incorporated reviews into each stadium guide. We felt it was important for fans to give their honest opinion about each place to help the next set of away fans visiting the ground decide on what to do. You can submit a review for a place when viewing the place information.

The app asks you for your name (this isn’t required, you can keep a review anonymous if you like), the rating out of 5 and a short review of what you thought of the place. A submitted review is checked by our team before appearing in the guide. Any review with foul or abusive language will be declined, or if the review is deemed to be offensive. Please remember you may be reviewing a place that is someone’s livelihood. We ask that you keep the review honest, not offensive.